Ski-Doo in 2014

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Yves Leduc are amazing North American Vice President & GM is always pumped and keen on a ride! Mountain or Flat Land!

Wow! It is always so exciting to be down with all the dealers from around the world to check out all the latest and greatest from Ski-Doo! Truth be told I know a lot of what is coming down the pipe sooner than most but it is still exciting for me to see the finished awesome products that BRP Ski-Doo does so well!

Why Texas? Everything is always Bigger in Texas!!!

This years reveal is in Texas and although many people wonder why Ski-Doo heads south for their reveal, it is really for the dealers to get away from their winter playground and business’s and spend some time int he warmer climates to see and learn what is new! We are also not riding so Texas is as great as spot as any!!!

Well lets get on with it!!

The new 900 Ace Four Stroke offers 50% more power and 77% more torque over the 600Ace and at 74db and 22mpg this sled is amazing!!!

This little four stroke is not for the mountains yet but for the right person this thing is way ahead of any competition!!

Factory Bend A-Arms that offer more clearance and the T-Motion upgrade ensure those that are still loving their xp have some cool upgrades to improve the handling of their non-current sled.

One of the rad color sku's to choose for 2014 Summit Rev XM X Model! Color is the only change and for those who question why? I ask you what is it that this rev xm is not doing for you as it is a true mountain riders dream!

Love this one! Spring order only!!! Summit Rev XM X

Ski-Doo scratchers and they are reversible!!

Here they are in the up position!

No matter what color sled you get you can make it your own with your very own wrap from SCS Unlimited!!

Feed your beauty the right stuff!!!

ABS is the leader in Avy Air Bag Safety!!! If you ride in the mountains get one of these packs from your Ski-Doo Dealer!

Sweet Renegade X with 600 E-tec!

Well here it is the New Freeride! This one is a 137!

ski stance is 38 & 40 and check out those DSII Skis!! Sick!

Nice color accent on the bar too!!

What can I say the Freeride is my favorite looking sled! It is a Rev xm rs chassis with t-motion, flex edge and opened up running boards! The boards are still wider and the tunnel and s-modual are beefed up for going big!

Big Wide Boards!!! This sled was made for guys like Rob Alford and Rob Hoff!!

Another succesful year for Ski-Doo Helium 30 and 50!! This stuff just plain works!!

MCode, yes that is Rob Alford texting his girlfriend there!! :)

The new Mcode gear is bright, sharp and works really well!! Nice job Ski-Doo!

Lots of womens Mcode as well and Ashley and Stephanie your gonna love it along with everyone else!!

Kids Gear is stellar too!!!

Hey Kids if it snows enough you can miss school and go riding!!! Yaaaaaaa

The XP-R2 Carbon Helmets look amazing! I will be running the top two colors!!

Rob Alford showing the best color sku off!!

Sweet Goggle Warmer right off the CVT Clutch Guard!

One of the coolest new accessories, this adjustable riser comes in different sizes and offers 2.5 inches of adjustability!

The linq system jerry can and bags are the best and easiest way to carry stuff on your sled, period! They rule!!

I love these helium boots, they work wcked but we are hard at work on Monday to make them even better!!

The new MXZ with the xs Chassis! Trail Killer!!!

Well there you go don’t forget to check out the Ski-Doo website for more info and Ski Doo Mountain on Facebook for new updates and live feeds from the show! Plus sign up for a demo ride to test the 2013 sleds now! Hope you enjoyed the show!! It’s not everything as there is a lot more cool stuff coming at you in 2014 from Ski-Doo!!


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