What a Season!! G3 Love!

by noronaadmin

The morning begins...skinnin up for the Cypress Trees!

What and amazing winter! Ever since December rolled around the snow has been falling in BC and it has not let up since!! The G3 ski line-up this season has been its best ever and I have spent time on the Empire, District, Infidel and my personal favorites The Cakes! Yes they are a women’s ski but I don’t care! For my 5’5 140 pound frame the Cakes do everything well. I spend 6 days a week in the backcountry, riding sleds, sled skiing and touring off our machines so it is important to have a ski that can do it all in every condition!

John Syslak getting some POW!

For me skiing in the mountains is all about the adventure! Some can’t believe how and athlete can like xc skiing, ski touring, sled skiing and sleds, but haters will always hate! Adventure is something I get to experience every day and I wouldn’t change that for the world! It is also about spending time with friends and family and I am lucky to have so many keeners to share these awesome trips and moments with!

When I was racing I use to xc ski twice a day, and it was my favorite thing to do during the winter, Now though ski touring is my xc skiing and I love it more since there is often no one else around or if I am on a solo mission which I do regularly, then there is truly no one else around! Skinning or climbing up is the time to look around and enjoy the views or chat with friends on past or future adventures, sometimes it is great even to not speak and just be!

Feeling like a Mountain Goat since I am following Mtn Goat Steps!

The best part of being in the mountains is the down, whether it is a sketchy section, or an endless powder bowl, that is where I aim to spend the majority of my time! It is what I love about sleds, one day you can cram in 25-30,000 vertical and the next you can park the sled and wonder off to some peak, have lunch and then ride the magic white carpet down to your sled, one run in a day can be just as good!

I love Pow!!!

I have recently spent some time on the 2014 G3 Empress. This is the womens version of the Empire and is 115 under foot with a full reverse camber rocker, it is so smooth and fun. I have spent some time in the backcountry and also on Whistler and it skis well everywhere…check these out for next year!

Kim Duess shredding some Pow with her G3 Cakes!!!

Norona having his Cake and Eating it too!!! Secret Lines - Scotch Creek, BC

Well I hope you have been having a great season and getting out as much as possible, whether it be on the local hill, or the backside in the backcountry. Remember life is not to be wasted so follow your heart and enjoy the ride! dave

It's all about spending time with the people you love...in the mountains!!!

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