image_davecloseDave and Norona Life

Dave Norona spent 18 years traveling the globe and racing in some of the world’s most grueling events. With over 400 race events in triathlon to adventure racing, motocross to backcountry sledding, Dave’s passion for the outdoors is inspirational. Some have even claimed him as the “Godfather” of Adventure Racing in Canada.

Norona Life is Dave’s newest venture to help others discover their passion and fast track them to the life of enjoyment. His coaching style will help you develop all aspects of your life from training to sponsorship, business and personal.

Norona Life is for anyone looking to get more out of life!  It is for athletes of all ages and abilities who are looking for a well-rounded program that takes them to the next level.

image_speakingIt is for companies that are struggling to keep their staff motivated.  Norona Life will help them develop a team building outing to get their staff working as a fine oiled machine.  Or they may need one of Dave’s inspirational presentations to help motivate their employees!

Norona Life will help you develop the skills to develop on your own and grow exponentially.

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