The BC Bike Race 2011!

by noronaadmin

The BC Bike Race is the biggest, coolest and best 7-day Mountain Bike Race on the planet! It involves some of the best characters BC has to offer and the best trails in the world. The route for 2011 passes through the amazing riding communities of Cumberland and Campbell River on Vancouver Island, Powell River, Earls Cove, Sechelt and Langdale on the Sunshine Coast and Squamish and Whister. I have been involved with the race since the very beginning and now do all the filming and videos during the entire week. It is a tough job but I treat it like my adventure racing days where I went all out for a week with little or no rest…I love being around the riders and just loved being involved. Here are my daily vids. Enjoy!

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3


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