Grind for Kids!

by noronaadmin

The Grouse Gind is the most famous hike in Vancouver by far. On any given day thousands of people flock to this staircase in the mountains! I can not think of a better way to get out and enjoy a good fitness session and then finish off in a bar with a giant pint of beer and then take the Grouse Mountain Skyride back down! It is the perfect before or after work workout!

Last year Grouse Mountain teamed up with the Vancouver Children’s Hospital and created Grind for Kids. This allowed people to make every Grouse Grind they completed count towards raising money for Children’s Hospital. Last year Grouse Mountain and all people involved raise 172,000 dollars. I was an ambassador last year and helped raise $2800.00 thanks to the awesome donations of my friends and family.

This year I have once again been asked by Grouse Mountain and the Children’s Hospital to be an ambassador and I am honored! So if you can spare any amount small or large please pledge me as I hike the Grouse Grind 20 times by the end of October! You can donate per grind I do or one simple amount it is as easy as clicking on this link!

Donate Here!

Thank you so much for your support and know it is going to help kids lives!


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