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by noronaadmin

People always ask me what am I training for and my answer has always been the same, LIFE! Training is something we do to feel good, feel healthy and stay healthy and that is why it surprises me that 85% of the population train too hard! Yes I said it. Most people think that the way to get fast or fit is to always put the hammer down!

However that is false information. The secret is lots of easy level 1 training to make you more efficient and a smaller amount of interval or hard training as you get into your racing season to get you ready for the hard efforts. If I asked anyone to go out for a run or bike ride or any sport for that matter, their pace would be around 80-85%. This is where you sweat, feel good and feel like you got in a workout and burn off some stress. This level though is called no mans land, it is too hard and does not help you build efficiency and it leaves you to tired to go really hard when you need to.

The only way to train effectively is to use a Heart Rate Monitor. Now this is not an expensive endeavor, all you need is a $80.00-$100.00 HR Monitor that you can set a high and low heart rate alarm and your off.

To get your maximum HR go to a hill that is 3-4 minutes long. Ideally about 5% incline. After warming up for 15 minutes run up the hill for two minutes at 75%, then return to the bottom for equal 2 minute rest and repeat a second time at 85% and then once more at an all out pace. On this third all out effort is where you will find your maximum HR.

During your easy days you should be training at 65-75% or around 140 HR and under. This is where you should do the bulk of your training. The one work out per week during your racing season will be a hard effort at your high level 85-95% over the workout of intervals.

Think of becoming more efficient in your sports than fast as speed comes with efficiency and someone who is more efficient will always win out over time over someone who is just fit. You have to have both to win a race but whatever level you are, you will benefit by becoming more efficient!

It is also important to train for you and not be spurred on by others. They are on a different program and following others will not lead you to your goals. Use running groups to help you not hinder you so moving around and running with the slower group sometimes is perfect and the faster group as well. This will help you learn the different paces and improve you in your sport overall.

Here are some other tips:

Have Fun!

Do Not increase mileage or time by more than 10% per week!

Avoid sickness, getting sick is 1 month off of training so if you can go the whole winter without getting sick you are much further ahead, without doing anything!

Rest Lots, don’t feel guilty. Rest is where you recover and get faster!

On Base workouts you should feel like you did not do anything…more pain more gain is not the answer.

Try new sports

Have fun and mix it up!

Remember if you don’t try new things you will never get a different result. So try some of these things and see what works for you. The answer to life long fitness is Patience!

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