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by noronaadmin

Each year Kim and I take some time away from the beautiful North Shore Mountains and head to a warmer climate. This allows us to rejuvenate after an awesome year and also get ready for winter. However, there is no secret to our madness; November is a brutal month on the shore with the darker days and endless rain who wouldn’t want to escape it.

For the last two years we have made our way to Maui to Kite Surf and it has been awesome, however, we prefer things a little more off the beaten track and La Ventana Baja Mexico is a place where we spent lots of time in 2007 and 2008. This beautiful small fishing village just 40 minutes south of La Paz is a magical place with warm water and windy days where you can kite from morning to night.

We arrived last Monday to El Norte winds and it was awesome! Six foot swells allowed us to surf all day with out 5 meter kites and surf boards. At night we hit the great local spots with new found friends and enjoy the delicious Mexican food – my favorite!

We stay at Baja Joe’s which is one of the best places to stay due to the friendly staff and proximity to the beach (10 feet) and perfect launch site. Mark and Marie and the gang from Elevation Kite Boarding spend the winters down here teaching and it has got to be the best place to learn other than Nitinaht Lake on Vancouver Island. They use North Kites, the best in the business and have an amazing selection of teachers who will get you up and riding in 2 or 3 days.

Life is pretty easy down here and we have already run into so many amazing friends, including Leni who I did the 2000 and 2003 Eco-Challenge with. Leni is soon opening up a kite school as well which is awesome. Last night as we visited a friend at the campsite we were invited to a house run by some pro windsurfing fellows and they had just been fishing for the day and caught 4 40 pound tunas. The crevesas, tequilla and sushi flowed all night long!

If you want to learn how to kite or get away to a magical place then check out La Ventana!
Dave Norona

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