First Time on a 29’R…Amazing!

by noronaadmin

I remember when my good friend Dave Howells brought a 29’r mountain bike out to a ride! Dave is an awesome athlete and friend and so of course we took the piss out of him. The thing is though Dave did not back down, he just piped into his speech on how awesome the bike was and how one day we would all be riding them. I always laughed and said, “No Way, I am too short for a 29’r”!

Over the last 4 years I have continued to bug Dave and he has stayed firm in his believes that they are better! This summer I saw more 29’Rs at the BC Bike Race and what seemed like a fad was now seeming more like the new school!

Well today Marin dropped off a wicked 2012 Rift Zone xc7 bike for me to try, it was also a 17.5 29’r! Hmmm, I usually ride a 16.5 as I am 5’7!

Well the first pedal out of my driveway was interesting, man was this bike smooth, the first climb I hit as I edged towards Fromme Mountain was also a bit of a shock, “wow does this bike feel comfy and whoa does it climb well. Oh well it can’t possibly decend, look at this pinner 4 inch Fox Fork.

Again I was totally blown away at how this bike ate up the roots and rocks and I was descending better than on my 26 inch bike with 6 inches of travel, holly crap! Dave Howells I am sorry! Seriously after one ride on Fromme I called up Marin and cancelled my Mount Vision 26 inch bike and replaced it with the Rift Zone, now I just can’t wait till it shows up!

Here is how my day went…


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